All about those Macaroons.

I pure love Macaroons!!!!!!!!Like these little crunchy but squishy tasty bites of absolute heaven! They are small and delicious yet expensive, its such a mixture of sin and enjoyment and I can’t get enough of them. You know when someone says to you ‘If you eat any more of that you’re going to turn in to it’ WELL CAN I BE A MACAROON YET? Because I can’t really afford to keep munching them. Or wasting time Googling them. Did you know there are many fab websites out there than can cater to your sweet flat circled dreams? Because I have been searching! My last craving for some Mac in my life lead me to M&S for 3 mini Macaroons in the flavours: Chocolate and Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Orange Ganache (OMG!!!) and Chocolate and Hazelnut for the price of £1.75. And what a time it was to be alive whilst I ate all 3 in one sitting. FAN-CHEWY-TASTIC. There was also  the option of a 12 pack with the likes of raspberry and vanilla flavours but they were £6 and we are too far from pay day for that kind of action.

But please do if you enjoy a good Macaroon if your face, send me pictures or suggest places to buy or flavours to try by tweeting @RadioDaniella image1… I just love talking about MACAROOOOOOOOOONS :):)


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