In the beGINning

Over the years, I have tried many the tipple. Starting at the tender age of 14 I would tank down the big 3ltrs of cheap cider (Don’t say you never did it, you did!). From there I moved on to the big boy, that white spirit game was strong. And I mean literally. The likes of Vodka takes you to a different planet. And you enjoy the ride. But once I move onto Vodka at the age of 18. And then it stuck, I didn’t think to even try another drink, did you??? Vodka was the 11111111!!!!! Mix it with coke, yass. Mix it with Lemonade, yass. Irn Bru? YASS. Fresh Orange? YASS – Will make you need to loo. Cranberry juice? Dry, but YASS. There was all sorts of ways to drink that vodka.


But my boredom was kicking in and even though suggestions for things like baileys, Disaronno etc yes they are good and yummy but just too sweet to drink all night. One or two is very great, but after that, BOAK. And cider? Makes you feel like Augustus Gloop. But the main reason I wanted to stop drinking vodka was the absolute states I would get in and the horrific hangover the next day. WE LIKE TO WHITEY, WE LIKE, WE LIKE TO WHITEY (8).

So in 2016 I changed to gin. And well well well… It’s been a great time for me. Going up to the bar and ordering a G&T gives me a buzz, a wee tingle, I just love it. You can have the classic G&T, you can use lemonade or a personal fave of mine is gin and bitter lemon with a wedge of lemon #blessed. Slowly through the year I have been trying different brands of gin.. the current fave being Bombay Sapphire, its divine. I have been recommended Caorunn and Hendricks – The Scottish of the gins. You never know might be in the stocking this Christmas.

Gin makes you Grin.

Viva la G&T


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