Don’t you just love a celeb couple? CAUSE I DO. Like normal couples just don’t live up to it for me, sorry. The likes of Posh and Becks are the dream and what about Elvis and Pricilla? Ok maybe not the best example she was like 14 just buts that ok think how iconic the wedding photos are. GOALS.  

It must be love, love, love 

I love looking at the meeting of two sexy and talented people and watch it blossom, well over social media hehe. The Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus relationship is one that I have actually grown to love too. At first when she went short haired and Robin Thicke wild and he was still there I was like what are you doing Liam????? Get outta there alive now. And then they did take that break and stuff and slowly teased the world that they may/ may not be back on. And I was again dismayed. But see on reflection and now they are very much official again, I’m feeling it ye know. It’s makes me think more highly of the both of them and here’s why… It shows that Liam isn’t materialistic and that he genuinely love Miley no matter what, and that’s admiral. And on Miley’s side, it shows she is now free to be truly who she is and doesn’t need to conform for no one, plus her man is still by her side. LIVING FOR IT.

Start a love hashtag 

Another new romance that is giving me a great time at the mo is #FortDay2016. This will make sense if you are a fan of the show Suits or Pretty Little Liars or/ and both. Patrick Adams aka Mike Ross from suits (LOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEE) and Troian Bellisario  aka Spencer Hastings in PLL are real life in love. And their wedding was an absolute cute fest. In fact it was a whole series of days sent away with friends and fam rather than one single wedding day. IT’S REALLY SWEET. They had a hashtag and a bus and a forest and lots of really cool and cute things and moments caught on camera and it was really heart-warming to see and by see I mean look at on Instagram. And to top it all off, we were treated to a big long thank you message explaining what #FortDay meant to the couple and how in love Patrick is with his now wife. It really is glorious. Go check it out. I now want a wedding like that…….. MAYBE.

Plus his co-star Meghan Markle is dating a genuine, big time, ginger, Royal Prince.


One of the bestestestest celeb couples and a double act I wish to one day have is…. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They are fantastic, she is a glorious golden goddess and he a hansom funny fella. They slaaaay all day. Laughter is the key. And well money, and clearly spectacular genes. 


John Lennon didn’t want to live without Yoko 

Rose and Jack (Don’t let go)

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (All day everyday)

Posh and Becks

Beyonce and Jay Z 

Be a bad-ass duo please 



Daniella x

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