What’s your favourite?

Alright wee man,

How’s it going?

I’ve not done a blog in a wee while but here we go, and I have wanted to write about this for ages because it’s something I really really hate!

So let’s set the scene,

You’re with ‘new’ friends aka work pals or in a situation with like your pals, pals and people start asking BIG questions. Like:

  • Who’s your favourite band?
  • What’s your favourite song?
  • What’s your favourite film?
  • What are you interests?

Etc. etc. etc.

And see the pressure that you feel, it’s not fair. Because see when you’re not ready for these questions, it’s so hard to think of an answer that really portrays the person you are. I feel pure on the spot man. And for a moment, every single song and or movie title leaves your head. Like for the life of you, you can’t even name a movie never mind the one you love most. You feel like you’re in an interview for a job and making up a moment that you went ‘above and beyond for a customer’. These questions are fine on paper, with time to think. But when you are caught unprepared and in a judgmental setting, the answers are important. Do you lie in a hope to sound cool and to impress? Giving it aw I love Freddie Mercury – he completes me, live for the album (when you literally know a song. Well actually a chorus) Or do you look around and take in the vibes and give them a crowd pleaser? ‘I love Calvin Harris man, I like pills.’ Do you play in to it and big up you’re interests and say you play in a big time tennis club when it’s really you and your brother in the back garden?

See this happens in real life, and I’m sick of being caught off guard with the big questions, because I’m an indecisive arsehole. Like things change daily for me. I can be jamming to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons to 90’s hip hop notorious BIG then over to Dean Martin for some Volare back to Bruno Mars 24k Magic album to show tunes from Hairspray and Smash then sorry I’ve went back to Eminem and now I’m listening to Oasis and Artic Monkeys. Skepta, Slaves and Life of Pablo. Swing and big band. SUE ME. I can’t decide. I love them all.  So I get really worked up if someone is saying I need to have a favourite, because I have FAVOURITES. All the content we love depends on mood, setting, feelings, circumstance, good memories, bad memories, thoughts, everything.

I just hate when people portray a certain image of themselves in this situation to please others. Do you. Be a pick n mix and like all those things.

Is it just me that can’t deal with being under pressure for answers? Or can spot a liar or even worse a ‘me too’ bandit?


Lols 4EVA


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