What do you do in your spare time? Why don’t you volunteer? It doesn’t need to be far and it doesn’t need to be for long but volunteering your time to someone/ something can really help with your mental wellbeing, your social circle or even help further your career. Earlier this year I became involved with the Children’s Hospital in Glasgow. I am part of the ‘Wacky Wednesday’ Crew at Radio Lollipop < because we are sweeeeeeet. It has been so much fun already and I know it’s a cliché but it has also been so rewarding. At Radio Lollipop our studio is open to kids to come down and push buttons, request tunes and get shout outs! Even if they don’t want to do that we will be going around doing ward visits and taking round our trollies filled with games, arts & crafts and other goodies. Sometimes having a break from a parent or doctor is all it takes for these kids to have a sense of normality and most importantly let loose and have fun!!! Radio Lollipop is a fantastic organisation filled with laughs, fun and hope. We are available Monday- Thursday 6pm-8pm and always look forward to see wee faces light up and hearing about your day/week. Radio Lollipop has just celebrated 25 YEARS OF SERVICE and what an achievement that is, here’s to 25 more! Children are the future and we need to look after them! If you wish to donate to Lollipop then you can do so here:


Volunteering is something I’m very fond of and have spent many nights over the past 5 years or so doing community radio which is always volunteer based. This is a platform I’m truly grateful for, it gives you the confidence and the space to try new things on air and even just to be on air and earning on air miles while shaping your craft. A safe place you can do no wrong and be the person you were destined to be. It’s a low pressure, fun and free environment to make your mark on. There are a wide variety of wonderful stations out there to be enjoyed like SunnyGovan, City Radio, UWS Radio, Pulse 98.4, Irvine Beat and many more, all of which have been an absolute pleasure and a stepping stone in my journey. Even if radio is not your thing, volunteer time to other people, other things, you can take an elderly person for some tea, you can donate blood, you can collect money, you can cheer people on during races and 10k’s, you can leave nice comments on peoples social media, be in labs, shadow professors, anything. You just never know the impact you could make.



Photo credit: NCVO

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