You see your phone ringing and it’s a withheld number, do you answer it? It’s probably PPI or your work trying to be sneaky and get you to do overtime. OR it could be an international entertainer and hit maker from Miami. The latter has a small chance of happening. But it can. Let me go back to the start. I was browsing on Twitter, when I saw that the Scott Mills team was looking for people to come on the show to chat with Mr.305 – PITBULL.

We had to nominate a friend that Pitbull could break a bit of bad news too and he would have a positive spin on it. This was right up my street!!! So I got involved. I pitched to the team the idea of Pitbull telling my friend Melissa that the guy she was digging was also on Tinder and a serial swiper. And that was the plan. About half an hour later, my phone goes. And honestly the next ten minutes or so have to be up there with one of the funniest moments of my life. I was sitting in my car in the middle of the car park at work just howling with laughter as I listened in too Pitbull live in the studio chatting with Scott. I wasn’t part of the conversation at this point I was merely listening in too Pitbull chatting about Miami and what he gets upto there and all his going on’s. He was naturally hilarious, and not by meaning so either. He’s a proper lad. I sat laughing away at him going from Pitbull during an interview on the radio to having genuine moments with Scott – both amazing!!! Scott then set up the item we were about to do and it was time for me to surprise my friend Melissa with a call from MR WORLDWIDE. She did not have a single clue I was doing this so her reaction was priceless. She was just in her work as you do and answered her phone to a global superstar. Mental. Please listen too, laugh, love and enjoy the moment I ‘met’ Pitbull……. ***Click here***

(I absolutely HATE being called Danielle, it’s a real fear for me and after telling both Scott and his producer it was ‘Daniella’ they failed. So PLEASE ignore the fact they call me that and that I was dying inside every time they did.)




Daniella x

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