My lucky Liam story…

This isn’t a ‘I met Liam Gallagher’ story, this isn’t me trying to be an arsehole and show off that I met Liam, I promise. This is a story about how sometimes when you are down, the world can scream at you to get back up again! This is a story about how ANYTHING is possible and if you keep doing what your doing then sometimes magic might happen. 


So today I was doing a shift at my part-time job (at the moment) in Glasgow Airport. I was down at the domestic pier alone in the shop. When I work at this shop we are allowed to listen too music and we have a wee player down there and honestly over 100 CD’s that staff have brought in/ made. Today I was in a bit of a bad mood. A combination of not liking my job and just generally waking up on the wrong side of the bed. When I’m at this store my 2 go to CDs are usually ‘Kings of Leon – Only By The Night’ and ‘Oasis – Stop The Clocks 2’. But the member of staff before me had on ‘Now 75’ or something to that effect and I was busy in-store so just left that running in the background. About 40 minutes go by and I’m met with silence from the CD finishing. It was DJ Dani Gee time. So I go into the cupboard, not sure what I’m feeling like, flicking through the CD’s as most of them are out of their cases and in 3 huge piles, because of this many of them are scratched and damaged. Purely from process of elimination you know if things are a good listen or if they are a jumper. After browsing through loads of duds, knowing they were scratched, there was my baby. My Oasis CD. It only has 9 tracks, but it really sets the day up. Yes I was feeling it, so in it goes. Track 1 – Rock and Roll Star. Belter. 


So here’s where it all started to turn. I get up and go over to the till point to make a phone call, I look over to the far left and no word of a lie, walking towards me, with the best swagger I’ve ever seen, is Liam Gallagher. MY BRAIN CAN’T PROCESS IT. (Please lets stop here to imagine the moment, you put in a CD and the artist appears. It’s some sort of Witchcraft and something I wish you to to feel and experience one day). So what do I do? I can’t ignore the fact it’s happening, live and in the flesh. He approaches and without thinking I shout ‘Liam, check out what I’m listening too’. (because you can’t make the timing of this up us if you tried) Like a pantomime dame he puts his hand to his ear and leans in to check… it’s him. He stops. Theres a moment. A Beat. I’m looking at him, he’s looking at me (through shades). He then flings his hands in the air and starts singing the song and DANCING. Why not join in? So now IM DANCING. It all happened so fast! I started some chat and we chatted for a while, and he pretended he was going to wreck the shop, I was up for it to be fair. I just couldn’t believe my luck. I told him to hold on so I could change the track to ‘Live Forever’. Two seconds later he has me in a head lock singing into my ear ‘WE’REEEEE GONNNAAAA LIVEE FOORRREEEEEVVVVVEEERRRRRR’ and that moment, to me will. There was a bit more laughing, chatting, questions from me etc etc etc. But myself and the lady Katie who was escorting him to the plane (big shout out Katie btw, you legend) were just in owe of the moment happening, she kindly took photos of us and videos as I was getting my personal gig with Liam, we were loving it. And just as spontaneously as it happened, it was over. We had a hug and Liam was away to live another day. The CD still blaring away in the shop, and me left scunnered.


And this was the perfect way for the universe to tell me to stop my moaning and whining because sometimes magic happens and sometimes it happens to me. What are the chances of that happening though?????? Now thats lucky. The encounter would not have happened if the CD wasn’t on, because yes I would have said Hi, but what reason does he have to stop? And again not even making this about Liam, but the fact I pressed play on a CD and almost had the power to conjure up the person too. I’m sorry it was just tooooooo tooooo spooky and weird.

On that note, anything is possible, always do you and one day it will pay off. I’m feeling lucky… now to play the lottery….. 

Liam Gallagher


Daniella x 

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