Broadcast Media

Do you want a career in broadcast media? Are you struggling to find one? ME TOO! It can be such a lonely and confusing life chasing a creative industry. Because that’s exactly what you are doing. Chasing. You are not secure. You are taking risks and not planting roots and at 24 that’s sometimes looked down on as ‘non progression’. So days like Eric Festival are your guardian Angel shining down from up above and keeping you motivated. People in this industry understand your struggles and are here to share their stories and keep the fire alive. 

This is Eric’s first year in Glasgow!!! Eric is a ‘festival’ themed career day filled with panels, Q&A’s with industry experts, pop up booths and live music. Also, more importantly a way to network and meet new people. The venue was SWG3 and the creators of the day (the fabulous and beautiful) Sam and Mae put on a great event, truly from their hearts and filled with their passion of providing an ‘in’ for people in broadcast media. 


Radio is life 

For me, Radio is the main man so having the huge name of ‘BBC Radio 1Xtra’ there was a major bonus and brava to the creators for pulling that one off! Producer Harmeet and fellow Glaswegian was giving his valuable time, hearing us out and giving substantial  feedback and advice that will help to improve how you sound on air. As you can imagine, I was all over this! 

The day was hosted by the lovely @JodiePresents and she was fantastic, proper Glasgow patter and lols. If TV is your thing there was set ups from PodTV and also the guys from the ‘The Edinburgh Film Festival’ popped along to hear any ideas/ shows you had to offer. I found the advice from them very helpful, as I’m currently writing a sit-com, it was great to hear how to go about getting it taken seriously and seen by people who can help to shape it’s journey. 

Love a freebie 

Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages is get professional headshots taken and you guessed it…. there was this happening down at Eric festival. I have still to be sent them but I’m very hopeful they will turn out as belters. Heres a selfie anyway. 


Reign it in

Something I find hard to do is to keep things short and sweet but Hiive were at the event offering advice on your CV and well well well, I need to reign it in. I find it hard to condense what I have to say but still make it look impressive so I was given a few helpful tips to take my CV to the next level and really pack a punch so big up to Team Hive on that one.

Speak out

The guest panellists worked across many media platforms: Radio, TV, Production, Design, Blogging, Animation & Games and VFX. My highlight of the festival was the debate named: ‘Local VS London’ as its a battle I regularly have with myself. We heard from Hermeet a Glasgow Guy working in London and loving all the opportunities the big city has to offer him. To contrast that we heard from Richard Melvin (funnily enough with an English accent) about his past at BBC Radio Scotland and his now own production company based in Edinburgh. He believes that a fruitful career can still be achieved here in Scotland. There is no definite answer to this debate, I think it truly needs to suit your lifestyle and if its something that fits into your path. 

Sing a song

And if all THAT wasn’t enough, there was a string of fantastic local artists singing their lungs out and doing a fine job of it may I add! 

To top it all off, I had such a fantastic day, meeting, socialising and networking with the best in the biz here in Scotland. 


If ERIC was a boy, he’d be my boyfriend!!!! Here’s to next year’s visit from him! 


Daniella x 

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