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Do you want a career in broadcast media? Are you struggling to find one? ME TOO! It can be such a lonely and confusing life chasing a creative industry. Because that’s exactly what you are doing. Chasing. You are not secure. You are taking risks and not planting roots and at 24 that’s sometimes looked down on as ‘non progression’. So days like Eric Festival are your guardian Angel shining down from up above and keeping you motivated. People in this industry understand your struggles and are here to share their stories and keep the fire alive. 

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You see your phone ringing and it’s a withheld number, do you answer it? It’s probably PPI or your work trying to be sneaky and get you to do overtime. OR it could be an international entertainer and hit maker from Miami. The latter has a small chance of happening. But it can. Let me go back to the start. I was browsing on Twitter, when I saw that the Scott Mills team was looking for people to come on the show to chat with Mr.305 – PITBULL.

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What do you do in your spare time? Why don’t you volunteer? It doesn’t need to be far and it doesn’t need to be for long but volunteering your time to someone/ something can really help with your mental wellbeing, your social circle or even help further your career. Earlier this year I became involved with the Children’s Hospital in Glasgow. I am part of the ‘Wacky Wednesday’ Crew at Radio Lollipop < because we are sweeeeeeet. It has been so much fun already and I know it’s a cliché but it has also been so rewarding. At Radio Lollipop our studio is open to kids to come down and push buttons, request tunes and get shout outs! Even if they don’t want to do that we will be going around doing ward visits and taking round our trollies filled with games, arts & crafts and other goodies. Sometimes having a break from a parent or doctor is all it takes for these kids to have a sense of normality and most importantly let loose and have fun!!! Radio Lollipop is a fantastic organisation filled with laughs, fun and hope. We are available Monday- Thursday 6pm-8pm and always look forward to see wee faces light up and hearing about your day/week. Radio Lollipop has just celebrated 25 YEARS OF SERVICE and what an achievement that is, here’s to 25 more! Children are the future and we need to look after them! If you wish to donate to Lollipop then you can do so here:

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24k pure GOLD magic


TREASURE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE. Even though thats not even on this album. Have you heard the new Bruno Mars album????? Have you? It’s actually the best. Like I listen to it and get a buzz. There is a song on the album called ‘Chunky’ and well if a title of a song was ever to relate to my life then thats the one! The ’24k gold’ album is just that. It’s worth its weight in gold. I really enjoy the vibes of ‘Perm’ giving a funky fresh way to say… relaaaax. Also when watching Bruno Mars on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and speaking about the song ‘Versace on the floor’ they giggle about girls they meet not wearing Versace but spanx and can I say, get that on the next album.


And the main track ’24k gold’ has to be the song on 2016, like I may be poor, not dressed in silk, popping bottles of champ like Bruno is but when that song comes on – I’M THE B.I.G, the snoop doggy doggy dog. It’s a party and good time for the ears.

Track 4 – That’s what I like

Strongly into it.

Bruno is going to be hitting up Glasgow SSE Hydro on April 12th with this tour and even though I don’t yet have a ticket I will get positive that’ll I be there shaking my tits to this belter of an album. And he’ll be bringing The Hooligans who are my favourite people to watch perform.

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Don’t you just love a celeb couple? CAUSE I DO. Like normal couples just don’t live up to it for me, sorry. The likes of Posh and Becks are the dream and what about Elvis and Pricilla? Ok maybe not the best example she was like 14 just buts that ok think how iconic the wedding photos are. GOALS.   Continue reading “COUPLE GOALS”


In the beGINning

Over the years, I have tried many the tipple. Starting at the tender age of 14 I would tank down the big 3ltrs of cheap cider (Don’t say you never did it, you did!). From there I moved on to the big boy, that white spirit game was strong. And I mean literally. The likes of Vodka takes you to a different planet. And you enjoy the ride. But once I move onto Vodka at the age of 18. And then it stuck, I didn’t think to even try another drink, did you??? Vodka was the 11111111!!!!! Mix it with coke, yass. Mix it with Lemonade, yass. Irn Bru? YASS. Fresh Orange? YASS – Will make you need to loo. Cranberry juice? Dry, but YASS. There was all sorts of ways to drink that vodka. Continue reading “ITS NOT A SIN… OPEN THE GIN!!”